ARTERO UK Distributors of Professional Hairdressing Products for the Hair and Beauty Salon Industy in Great Britain


A very warm welcome to the professional hairdressing and beauty salons across Great Britain from ARTERO UK.

The Artero family founded the Company in 1909 and today Alex and Edu Artero Рdirector of the company Рare the great-grandsons of the founder Pascual Artero. The main specialization of Artero is the professional tools and accessories for hairdressers, but are constantly expanding the range, in order to become more recognizable and a more respected brand name outside Spain. And so the arrival of ARTERO UK under the direction of Charles Carr based in Scotland.

ARTERO is actively investing in the development of new technologies and uses the best grade of steel for hairdressing scissors and blades for hair clippers and trimmers.

The ARTERO brand is all about top quality, ergonomic design, comfort and ease of use. Great attention is paid to aesthetic design elements from coloUr and light displays to packing with vintage decor elements.

Artero Scissors



The aim of ARTERO is to deliver reliability and durability with its range of products. The brand has long been famous outside Spain, and confirmation of this is our wide distribution of our product range n many countries, such as Albania, Argentina, Andorre,Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus,  Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Paraguay,Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland,UK, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, UAE and Uruguay.

In 2014, the company opened a new office in the US to supply the North American market due to the growing demand.

There is many benefits towards having your hairdressing or beauty salon in the UK be supplied with ATERO products. That’s because the brand is constantly improving and adapting its products and development strategy to the new conditions in international markets.

ARTERO UK led by Charles Carr and based in Scotland will be distributing a wide range of products that you will find on the website, UK wide. And, watch out for ARTERO UK participating in all the important hairdressing exhibitions across Great Britain.

Enjoy the use of tools and accessories from ARTERO UK – if you need help with anything on the website just get in touch.